Boot design encapsulates electrical connection between weld torch, cable

July 14, 2014

Conventional assembly

Victor Technologies™ has introduced a new boot design on its Victor® Arcair® Angle-Arc series of torch and cable assemblies that encapsulates the electrical connection between the torch and weld cable and eliminates the chance of accidental arcing. The patent-pending, two-piece boot design is molded from a hard, reinforced nylon-fiber polymer made to withstand abuse in shop and field applications.

Along with the conventional means of connecting the power cable using a crimped-on copper lug onto a welding cable, the company also offers a hook-up power kit. The kit contains the molded nylon-fiber boot, with a twist-lock-style power connection and air hose extending from the rear of the torch cable. This option allows the operator to connect or disconnect the incoming power lead and air line quickly.

The conventional torch cable assembly can accept one 4/0 welding cable from the power supply and one 0.75-in.-dia. air hose assembly providing current and compressed air.

Hook-up power kit