GMAW wire boxes upgraded with bulk quantities, minipallets, side-view windows

November 1, 2010

Lincoln Electric has upgraded its 500- and 1,000-lb. Accu-Pak® boxes for its SuperArc® GMAW wire for robotic welding applications with bulk quantities, minipallets and new side-view windows.

The forklift-ready, corrugated cardboard minipallets are available for both box sizes. The boxes and minipallets are 100 percent recyclable.

The boxes feature an integrated feeding hat that eliminates the need for a separate feeding hat. The box lid is designed to allow direct attachment of the conduit. The new boxes also have steel flow cones on top of the wire stack designed with the manufacturer's Flow Cone&trade technology to help reduce waste and wire tangling.

The boxes are designed for stacking three high for the 500-lb. option and two high for the 1,000-lb. option. Side-view windows are standard on both boxes, allowing operators to identify when wire levels are low.

SuperArc wires available in the new packaging include L-50® (AWS ER70S-3), L-56® (AWS ER70S-6), and L-59&trade (AWS ER70S-6). LA-90 (AWS ER80S-D2) is available in the 500-lb. box.

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