Low-alloy cellulosic electrode introduced

September 4, 2013

Low-alloy cellulosic electrode introduced - TheFabricator.com

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Pipeliner® Arc 80, a low-alloy stick electrode designed for root pass welding up to X80-grade pipe and fill and cap pass welding for X70-grade pipe. It is available in 4.0-mm, 0.1875-in., and 5.0-mm dia.

The electrode, which has no intentional addition of boron, is classified as E8010-G and E8010-P1 per AWS. It is suitable for vertical-down and out-of-position pipe welding, offering deep penetration and high productivity, the company reports. The Q2 Lot® control shows actual deposited chemistry. The electrode produces a clean, visible, controllable weld puddle.

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