Metal-cored wire offers superior impact properties, minimizes weld cracking risks

April 29, 2014

Hobart Brothers Co. has introduced Hobart® FabCOR® CVN metal-cored wire. According to the manufacturer, the wire is formulated to provide excellent impact properties at temperatures as low as -50 degrees F to reduce the risk of cracking in severe applications, including oil and gas piping and storage vessel welding, heavy equipment manufacturing, and structural fabrication.

The wire features low diffusible hydrogen levels (less than 3 ml per 100 g of weldment), high deposition rates, and low spatter levels, says the company. Available in three diameters — 0.045, 0.052, and 0.0625 in. — the wire operates with a 75 to 95 percent argon/CO2 balance and provides a tensile strength from 77,000 to 86,000 PSI. It can be used for single- or multipass welding in manual, mechanized, or automated applications.

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