Pressure regulators designed for improved performance

May 8, 2012

The gas technology specialist Witt has improved the performance of two of its dome-loaded pressure regulators. The top version 757LE now provides a flow rate factor that is 36 percent higher than before, with a Kv value of 15. The maximum input pressure of many gases in the 737LE-HD high-pressure regulator has been boosted by 50 percent to 300 bar.

Both pressure regulators also are available as a set, including control module, pressure gauges, and connecting parts. The pressure regulator sets are assembled, tested, and ready for installation in the gas line. When extended by a safety valve, the 737LE-HD also can be used as a manifold pressure regulator.

Pressure is set via a control pressure regulator, which is supplied with either a separate gas or the gas to be regulated (own medium). The unit controls working pressures from 0.1 to 45 bar and includes connection options, such as for pressure transmitters.

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