Regulator technology available in expanded lineup

May 9, 2011

Regulator technology available in expanded lineup -

Thermadyne® Industries' Victor® brand has announced that its EDGE™ regulator technology is becoming available in an expanded lineup. Victor VGS, CSR, and AF 250 regulators will transition to EDGE ESS4 series high-capacity and EDGE ESS3 series medium-capacity regulators for air, acetylene, oxygen, CO2, LPG, and inert gases.

The technology also will be available for the specialty gas line with the ELC4 liquid regulator (for oxygen, CO2, and inert gases), ESL4 line regulator (acetylene, oxygen, and inert gases), EST4 station regulator (acetylene, oxygen, and inert gases), and ESS7 high-flow regulator (air, acetylene, oxygen, LPG, and inert gases) series.

All EDGE regulators feature easy-to-read gauges with enhanced graphics and color-coded knobs for quick gas identification. The compact regulators are made with a forged-brass body, stainless steel bolts, and a regulator housing cap constructed of a zinc-aluminum alloy that has nearly twice the yield strength of brass.

SLAM™ (shock limitation and absorption mechanism) technology is built into the adjusting knob, providing additional strength and protection of the regulator internals.