Welding end prep tool designed for high-temperature, -pressure applications

May 13, 2008

Esco Tool offers the MILLHOG® Dictator ID clamping welding end prep tool. It is designed for beveling pipes in which the weld is critical because of high temperatures and pressures.

The tool is suitable for use on heavy-wall steam or process pipes up to 20 in. dia. made of stainless steel, superduplex, and other hard-to-machine alloys. Featuring a template that allows bevel angle transitions for compound bevels, a cross-feed mechanism guides a single-point cutting bit around the pipe to create precise bevels.

Delivering 4,000 ft.-lbs. of torque, the end prep tool is equipped with a standard pneumatic motor and has dual-opposed tapered roller bearings for rigidity. The cutting bits are made from TiN-coated, high-speed tool steel, and no cutting fluids are required.

This tool also is available with a hydraulic motor.

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