Abrasive flap disk features trimmable backing

May 3, 2010

Abrasive flap disk features trimmable backing - TheFabricator

Weiler's Trimmable Tiger® abrasive flap disk features a trimmable backing. The design enables the operator to trim away the back of the disk up to 0.375 in. from the original diameter, exposing more flap abrasive to help extend the life of the disk.

The disk is flexible and conformable. Trimming the backing material away extends the flap length so that users can access hard-to-reach areas or grind on-edge without changing tools. The nonmarking backing will not damage the workpiece.

Users can grind and finish in one step, with no need to switch from a Type 27 wheel to a resin fiber disk. The disk is available with Saber Tooth™ ceramic cloth for grinding and finishing aluminum and stainless steel.

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