Aqueous cleaning system handles large, small components

February 14, 2013

Aqueous cleaning system handles large, small components -

MecWash Systems has introduced the Duo 400, a compact, fully automatic and self-contained aqueous cleaning system. Suitable for cell manufacturing or within a centralized layout, the system measures 60 by 64 by 89 in. to occupy a small footprint.

The single-chamber rotational cleaning system features immersion/spray wash, spray rinse, and hot air dry. Aqueous technology cleans without solvents or emissions. It handles large and small components in purpose-built fixtures or standard-size stainless steel baskets and plastic totes.

The wash chamber includes more than 100 high-volume jets that penetrate and saturate the workload at more than 130 GPM. The temperature of both the wash and rinse waters can be set at the operator's discretion between 140 and 190 degrees F. Full rotation of the workload at 3 RPM exposes all surfaces to the wash and rinse solutions. Alternatively, parts with delicate geometries can be programmed to oscillate from side to side.

The unit's flood and spray wash cycles are followed by the spray rinse cycle. Afterward, a high-velocity blow dryer raises the temperature up to 285 degrees F to quickly dry all faces of the components' surfaces as they rotate or oscillate during the dry cycle.