Aqueous cleaning system meets aerospace cleanliness standards

March 13, 2013

Aqueous cleaning system meets aerospace cleanliness standards -

MecWash Systems has introduced the Midi, an automatic, customizable, self-contained aqueous cleaning system that meets aerospace cleanliness and inspection standards. Suitable for cleaning applications within a centralized layout, the system measures 65 by 110 by 89 in. For very long components, the wash chamber can be extended to 60 in.

The single-chamber rotational cleaning system features degassed ultrasonic wash and rinse, immersion wash and rinse, spray wash and rinse, hot air dry, and vacuum dry for complex components. Cleaning without solvents or emissions, it is suitable for use on large and small components, complex geometries, components that require special fixturing, and high volumes.

The wash chamber can be configured with hundreds of high-volume jet nozzles that deliver 130 GPM. Full rotation of the workload between from 2 to 10 RPM exposes all surfaces to the wash and rinse solutions. Delicate components can be cleaned with oscillation, which gently tips the components from side to side.