Centrifugal disk finisher designed to keep tiny parts from disappearing

February 10, 2009

A new centrifugal disk finisher has been introduced by ALMCO KleenTec Inc. The model ACDF-75 has a bowl with a spinning disk at the bottom. The disk propels the abrasive media upward against the interior walls, which act as a brake. This causes the mass to turn over and return to the center of the disk, where it is set in motion again.

The finishing machine is designed with a smaller opening between spinning and stationary components at the base of the machine, which keeps tiny parts from disappearing during the finishing process. The urethane-lined bowl does not require frequent relining, which helps reduce downtime.

The machine can be placed side-by-side with others in a multiunit, inline arrangement to handle the finishing of small metal parts. It is available in four different sizes to accommodate varying part dimensions and batch quantities.

The variable-speed finisher is equipped with a PLC for precision deburring. Part/media separation screens are included for reduced operator involvement.

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