Ceramic abrasives cut hard-to-grind metals

June 19, 2012

Ceramic abrasives cut hard-to-grind metals - TheFabricator.com

A new brochure from Weiler Corp. highlights its SABER TOOTH™ line of ceramic abrasives. They provide cool, fast cutting action on aluminum, stainless steel, INCONEL® alloy, titanium, and other hard-to-grind metals.

The abrasives have a self-sharpening ceramic grain; a grinding aid helps prevent dulling and glazing of the grain. They are designed to work with heat-sensitive materials for cool cutting to protect parts from heat discoloration.

The flap discs grind and finish in one step, making them suitable for weld blending, grinding, deburring, deflashing, surface finishing, or edge chamfering on hard-to-grind metals. Both the standard angled-style phenolic back and the high-density, flat-style phenolic back discs are available in 4.5- and 7-in. sizes.

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