Corrosion-control products made for cold-temperature application

October 2, 2012

Cortec® Corp. offers several corrosion-control products designed for low-temperature application, shipping, or storage of material.

EcoLine® 3690, a USDA-certified, open-atmosphere corrosion inhibitor, is a biodegradable, biobased, ready-to-use temporary coating. When applied on the surface, it leaves an oily film, which provides outdoor protection on any metal surface. The film is self-healing and moisture-displacing to protect against aggressive environments.

VpCI®-337 Winterized has a low freezing point for the application and storage in cold temperatures. It is effective on ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as aluminum, plated steels, and copper.

VpCI®-377 Winterized, also with a low freezing point, is a corrosion-preventive liquid that meets antipollution requirements. Its vapor phase action protects ferrous and nonferrous metals by forming a clear, dry, hydrophobic film to protect uncoated surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas.

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