Cotton fiber quick-change discs remove small welds

March 12, 2013

Cotton fiber quick-change discs remove small welds -

Rex-Cut Abrasives offers cotton fiber quick-change discs for removing small welds and machine tool marks, edge breaking, and related finishing tasks.

The discs are rigid enough to reach into small corners, yet flexible for use on flat and contoured surfaces. Constantly revealing fresh abrasives as they work, they are made from multiple layers of reinforced, nonwoven cotton that are impregnated with abrasive grains, pressed and bonded together, and fitted with Type R and Type S fasteners.

Capable of grinding and finishing in one step, the discs grind titanium and stainless steel with no smearing. They are nonloading on aluminum, Kevlar®, and other composites. Designed for use with right angle grinders, they are available in 2- and 3-in. sizes with aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives in seven different grain sizes and three different bonds.

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