Eco-friendly cleaning agent added to new solvent products

January 21, 2013

Walter Surface Technologies (WST) has developed an ecofriendly product for heavy-duty industrial cleaning. Nature Boost is an additive derived from vegetable extracts exclusive to Bio-Circle Environmental Solutions. The ingredient is obtained from a byproduct generated in the vegetable processing industry.

This raw material has excellent solubility of oils, greases, inks, adhesives, and even paint, thus making it an alternative to traditional petroleum-based solvents. The additive is not flammable, does not emit VOCs, and is nontoxic and biorenewable.

CB 100 is an aqueous-based microemulsion of the additive with surfactants. Designed for bulk cleaning and degreasing, the microemulsion removes oils and greases, ink, rubber marks, tar, wax, carbon, soot, and paste. It is compatible with all metallic alloys and can be applied with a trigger sprayer, pressure washer, or heated dip tank.

GS 200 contains the additive in its undiluted form. This natural, high-performance, green solvent removes glue, ink, paint, sealant, oils, greases, and wax from metallic surfaces. Certified for use in food plants in the U.S., the product can be applied manually with a trigger sprayer or dip tank.

Bio-Circle Ultra is the new heavy-duty version of Bio-Circle L, now containing the additive. The product removes crude oil, bitumen, heavy grease, and even baked-on contaminants.