Grinding disks constantly expose fresh abrasives

October 9, 2007

Flexible, cotton fiber-impregnated abrasive grinding disks from Rex-Cut® Products Inc. have multiple layers of cotton fiber, with the layers fully impregnated with aluminum oxide abrasives and pressed and bonded together to constantly expose fresh abrasives as they work.

The Cut-N-Finish™ disks are suitable for light grinding and blending welds on contoured surfaces. Pressed into a waffle pattern that runs cool, they are offered in a flexible bond that can follow contoured surfaces for the light grinding and blending of GMAW and GTAW welds on tanks and vessels in one step, reports the company.

Capable of producing a 32-RMS finish on stainless steel and nonloading on aluminum, the disks last up to 20 times longer than flap and resin-fiber disks, according to the manufacturer.

Available in flexible and medium bonds with A24, A36, A54, and A80 grit sizes, the disks come in diameters of 4 in., 4 1/2 in., and 7 in. and are suitable for flat surfaces.

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