Powder spray gun designed for high production rates

March 11, 2008

Xiom Corp. says its powder spray gun is designed for high production rates.

With a patent-pending triple venturi, the Xiom 5000 Scorpion sprays up to five times the rate of the company's previous model, the Xiom 1000. The new gun connects to the existing 1000 control console without modification and is designed for portability.

The gun is intended to cover large areas in minimal time by eliminating most preheating under normal ambient conditions. According to the manufacturer, parts are not subject to wear, and the patent-pending wide-spray-pattern nozzle eliminates nozzle clogging that results when polymer material melts in the nozzle. The gun uses only propane and air rather than oxygen. A 20-lb. propane tank will last eight hours.

The gun is designed to ensure full melting and bonding of the polymer coating, as well as long coating life. Operators can adjust the system for different feedstock materials, weather conditions, and metal substrate thicknesses. The wide spray pattern is enhanced by a compression wave generated by two impinging burner cans. This helps ensure rapid heat transfer and a lower temperature to melt the polymer powder materials.

The spray system is available with the 1000 and the 5000 spray guns; a powder feeder; and a control console that controls the flow of propane, oxygen, and compressed air, as well as the delivery of the coating material. The gun, which allows users to start and stop the spraying process, diffuses the gases, forming a flame. The flame heats the coatings to their melting point and sprays them onto a surface. The melted plastic then forms a chemical bond with that surface and hardens quickly.

The company also offers a line of mixed polymer coatings for use with the spray system.