Robotic blasting center changes blasting tools automatically

June 17, 2013

Robotic blasting center changes blasting tools automatically -

Guyson Corp. has engineered and manufactured a 7-axis robotic grit-blast system that changes blasting tools automatically to perform surface preparation work around the exterior of complex-shaped components, as well as recesses and interior surfaces of the parts.

The multitasking robotic blast machine incorporates a 6-axis FANUC M-20iA robot rigidly mounted on a pedestal inside a 60- by 96-in. rotary table blasting cabinet. A custom-tailored suit of laminated fabric isolates the tool-changing robotic nozzle manipulator from dust and media, while allowing full range of motion of the articulated robot arm.

The servomotor-driven turntable, which features an interchangeable component-holding fixture, is controlled as a seventh axis of coordinated robotic motion, so the precise orientation and rotation of the workpiece is a programmed and repeatable element of the automated blast processing routine.