Shoulder mill made for small diameters

November 1, 2012

Shoulder mill made for small diameters -

Kennametal offers the Mill 1-7™ cutter for finishing in small-diameter milling. The cutter can be used for shoulder, ramp, slot, plunge, and helical milling while using a single insert. The small insert enables the use of high-density cutters rather than larger inserts. The insert’s positive rake provides soft action and low cutting forces for smooth entry and exit.

The insert is designed with elliptical cutting edges with a straight, 90-degree wall and true 0-degree lead, allowing it to replace SCEM finish machining in certain applications.

The insert comes in three grades: KC725M™ for general and heavy steel, stainless steel, and ductile cast iron milling applications; multilayered TiN-TiCN-Al2O3-CVD-coated KCPK30™ with Beyond™ postcoat treatment for general and rough milling of steel and cast iron; and KC522M™ for general machining of high-temperature alloys and stainless steel.

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