Surface polishing products result in uniform finishes

March 31, 2014

Walter Surface Technologies has added three new products to its Quick-Step line of surface finishing and polishing products. Featuring Velcro® support, with a central pin to ensure proper placement and safety, the new items are designed for finishing ultraclean stainless steel surfaces.

Quick-Step Finisher is a compact, variable-speed surface finishing tool for sanding, finishing, and polishing tasks. Featuring an extra-large gear and adjustable Dynamax electronic speed control, the tool’s motor provides high levels of torque even at low speeds.

Quick-Step Blendex is a surface-conditioning disc designed for long disc life. Featuring nonwoven construction, the disc is suitable for preparing surfaces for final finishing treatment on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The Quick-Step Flex finishing disc offers surface finishing and a high removal rate of grinding and finishing welds. It is designed as the first stage in a multistep finishing process.

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