Water-based coatings made for metallic coating lines

June 9, 2014

PPG Industries has published an informational guide about ENVIRON® MCL environmentally friendly, water-based coatings for application on metallic coating lines over GALVALUME®-coated sheet steel and hot-dipped galvanized metal.

The permanent coatings offer UV protection and corrosion resistance. Available as a clearcoat or in a selection of colors, the coatings have a minimum solar reflectance capability of 70.

The guide includes performance specifications with data for dry film thickness, postcure pencil hardness, solar reflectance, salt-spray and humidity resistance, accelerated weathering, and outdoor exposure.

As water-based products with low VOC content, the coatings encapsulate zinc from the metal substrate to eliminate toxic runoff into the water supply. They can be applied on mill coatings lines, eliminating the need to send metal to a coil coater for processing.