Waterborne anticorrosion coating is nontoxic

May 5, 2014

Cortec® Corp. offers CorShield™ VpCI®-386 HP water-based acrylic coating. Its Nano-VpCI® formulation contains a mixture of nontoxic organic inhibitors and pigments that offer extended coating protection. A combination of additives provides a nanoparticle composite polymer barrier that retards the reaction of metal ionization by ion scavenging and passivation.

The coating provides a fast-drying primer/topcoat film that forms a tough, nonflammable, protective barrier for both indoor and outdoor conditions. It bonds to metal surfaces, defending against corrosive electrolytes and aggressive environments. The product is thermally stable when dried from -150 to 350 degrees F and UV-resistant.

It can be applied by spray, roll, brush, or dip. It dries to touch in 40 min. at 77 degrees F and is fully cured in 7 days at 77 degrees F.

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