Wax emulsion enhances surface appearance, durability

April 15, 2008

The Durawax rust preventive product from Heatbath Corp. is a multipurpose synthetic wax emulsion that provides coverage over bare steel and conversion coatings, including black oxide and phosphates.

The wax emulsion forms a hard, shiny, dry film that enhances surface appearance and durability, the manufacturer states. Applied over black oxide at 50 percent by volume, it provides more than 400 hours of corrosion protection when subject to 100 percent relative humidity. It also can be used as a dry film lubricant for torque reduction and other purposes and is suitable for weatherproofing military implements.

The silicone-free emulsion is nonflammable, is used at ambient temperature, and dilutes with tap water up to 50 percent by volume. The bath is stable and easy to replenish, the company states. Predrying parts before processing is not required. The emulsion is applied by spray or by immersion for one minute to three minutes. Films air-dry, but forced air or spin drying can be used for in-process and other applications requiring faster cure. Users can remove the emulsion film with a hot alkaline cleaner.

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