Folding machine supports standard and up-and-down bending

May 3, 2010

International Technologies Inc. has introduced the Schröder Evolution series folding machine. Supporting either standard or up-and-down bending, the machine is available in thicknesses of 11 ga. to 0.25 in. and lengths from 100 to 198 in.

Features include integrated front gauging, automatic tool changing that supports multiple tool sets, 3-D graphical touchscreen control, a grip backgauging system, and an integrated hemming device.

Standard stroke and opens are up to 33.4 in., allowing for the production of 16-in.-deep, four-sided boxes. Bending speeds of 150 degrees/sec. and clamping speeds of 235 IPM are achieved via a control system driving ball screws with direct-drive servomotors supported within a rigid frame.

The machine's work-around spec is 7.87 in.; it accommodates the same dimension when the front gauging system is in use.