3-D laser cutting system features 4-G acceleration

August 7, 2007

Prima North America Inc. has introduced Rapido Evoluzione, a 3-D laser cutting system that includes high-speed axes drives with 4-G acceleration and a direct-drive head that is designed to prevent backlash and requires no gears or complex kinematics. The system has a work volume of 160 in. by 60 in. by 30 in. with compact architecture.

The cabin design allows simplified access to the workpiece and programming. The cabin completely encloses the machine and work area, including the machine's ceiling, for increased safety and optimal fume and dust evacuation. With the workpiece fully accessible, the operator can move comfortably around parts for loading, unloading, and programming, the company reports. The structure supports simplified integration with various robotic products.

Focal position control (FPC) cuts uniformly, eliminating production setup changes when operators alternate material types and thicknesses.

The system also includes a breakaway head that can immediately be restored if a crash occurs; a patented Safe Impact Protection System (SIPS) that protects the head, nozzle, and sensor from damage between the head and workpiece; a laser piercing monitor (LPM) that calculates optimal piercing parameters and allows cutting to begin immediately after the workpiece has been pierced; and the company's CNC.

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