Fiber laser cutting system achieves 75 percent light conversion efficiency

September 26, 2013

Amada offers the FLCAJ series of fiber laser cutting systems. They employ the manufacturer's AJ2000 and AJ4000 oscillators (fiber engines), which require one-quarter the amount of energy consumed by a typical CO2 oscillator. They also require no laser gas, mirrors, or moving parts.

The fiber laser achieves a maximum light conversion efficiency of 75 percent and a maximum wall plug efficiency of 30 percent. Requiring no warm-up time, the system produces a laser beam with a wavelength that is about one-tenth of that emitted by a conventional CO2 laser. This results in process range expansion (PRE), ensuring that difficult-to-cut materials such as copper can be cut quickly and precisely, the manufacturer reports.

The extremely small spot density of the focused fiber laser beam results in high cutting speeds in thin materials, in some cases up to five times faster than the comparable CO2 laser, according to the company.

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