Laser cutting machine enhanced with 6000 W resonator

March 23, 2010

Bystronic has introduced an enhanced version of its BySpeed 3015 laser cutting machine, which features the ByLaser 6000 W resonator, a power package designed to deliver up to a steady 6 kilowatts to the cutting head for consistent high-quality cutting across a broad range of materials.

Among the improvements to the machine are a faster shuttle table, simultaneous nozzle cleaning and calibration during shuttle times, and a conveyor system for small cut drops. It also features lighter, more agile front access doors and curved panels on the front covers for a sleek, more esthetically pleasing appearance.

A quick-change cutting head and fast shuttle time enhance productivity. According to the company, the machine's regulated pulse piercing (RPP) provides 30-percent faster piercing capabilities.

Optional material handling and automation systems, including 3.75-in. focal length cartridge that can increase feed rates by as much as 15 percent for material thicknesses less than 16ga. (0.062 in.) and a secondary outlet conveyor that can deposit drops directly into a metal drum are available.

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