Laser cutting system reaches nearly 460 FPM

August 16, 2012

Haco Atlantic USA, in collaboration with Cutlite Penta, has introduced the Laser Plus precision laser cutting system, available with CO2 and fiber lasers ((2,000 to 6,000 W). Fast-piercing and auto-focusing technology, along with linear motors, allow speeds up to 459.3 FPM. The fully automatic loading/unloading dual-pallet system and optional fully automated loading towers are designed for up to 24/7 operation with minimal operator intervention.

The CNC processor, integrated for cutting and processing of metals from thin shim to 1-in. plate, provides for smooth axis movement. With six interpolating processes and a maximum of 31 axes, the processor supports advanced gantry algorithm, continuously monitoring the dynamic and geometric gantry currents and positions. The control facilitates graphic, conversational, and conventional ISO formats for manual data input programming.

The built-in cutting database helps inexperienced operators choose optimal cutting parameters, including advance head set table to cut small holes on thick material (about half the material thickness).

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