Laser cutting systems enhanced with software

June 8, 2004

Prima Laser Tools has chosen to integrate Cenit North America Inc.’s v5/LaserCUT software into its 3-D laser cutting systems.

The PC/Windows®-compatible software features advanced solids, surface, and wire-frame geometry functions with IGES DXF, DWG, and CATIA® converters included. This offline programming system supports most 3-D laser cutting technology and is used by Ford, Volvo, AUDI, VW, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, SAAB, Harley-Davidson, and Bombardier.

The software features automated functions, including math data cleanup and 3-D fixture builder for holding fixtures with unfold/nesting and 2-D tool path creation. Automated programming and simulation tools provide control over machine motions to create smooth, collision-free tool paths. Simple tool path manipulation features overcome machine tool or process-specific constraints, such as travel limits and variance between actual part and math data. Reverse engineering features enable G-Code and RML-Code uploading into CAD/CAM software for further manipulation or to provide engineering feedback.

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