Laser system has combined axes speed of 5,900 IPM

January 10, 2006

Prima Laser Tools' new Domino HS 1530 multiaxis 2-D/3-D high-speed laser system has a combined X-Y-Z axes speed of 5,900 IPM.

The laser has direct-drive cutting and welding heads. According to the manufacturer, the system's synthetic granite frame eliminates vibration and helps to ensure thermal stability, contributing to system accuracy. Positioning accuracy and repeatability are 0.001 in.

The compact, cantilever-design system can cut materials from conventional 2-D flat sheet to 3-D pieces at any head orientation. The X-Y-Z working capacity is 120 by 60 by 16 in.

The machine features a CNC focal axis, and a capacitance height sensor automatically maintain the standoff distance from the work surface while adapting to material and thickness. The laser head has a magnetic breakaway system that protects against crashes. If obstructed, the head releases, and the machine can be operational in minutes.

The system is programmable offline with 2-D PICAM CAD/CAM or 3-D Cenit software. It is available with a 2,500-, 3,000-, or a 4,000-W CO2laser resonator.

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