Next-generation 2-D/3-D laser cutting system introduced

September 16, 2008

Prima North America Inc. has introduced the next generation of its Domino laser cutting series. The system is designed to provide high acceleration on the X and Y axes for 2-D and 3-D cutting.

The system incorporates a new CNC that provides enhanced graphics for simplified programming. A quick-piercing function helps reduce piercing time. For offline 3-D programming, it is available with Cenit 3D software.

The system also has direct-drive cutting and welding heads, as well as a synthetic granite frame that helps eliminate vibration and guarantee thermal stability. Positioning accuracy and repeatability is 0.001 in., and the maximum combined positioning speed is 5,900 IPM.

The system has a compact overall size because of a cantilever design. It has an X-Y-Z working capacity of 120 in. by 60 in. by 16 in. The laser head performs two rotations: A-axis, 360 degrees continuous and B-axis, &#plusmn;135 degrees. The system cuts a range of pieces, from conventional 2-D flat sheet work to complex 3-D pieces at any head orientation.

A CNC focal axis and a capacitance height sensor automatically maintain the standoff distance from the work surface while adapting to material and thickness. This helps eliminate operator intervention and enables unattended production runs.

The laser head has a magnetic break-away system that protects against crashes. In the event of an obstruction, the head safely releases, and the machine can be operational again in minutes, the manufacturer states.

Options include a CNC rotary axis that provides tube cutting capability, an automated pallet changer, and fully automatic material handling and storage units.

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