Regulators designed to provide accurate pressure control, ensure gas purity

April 8, 2004

Airgas Inc. offers the Smart Indicating Regulator (SIR™) series of regulators designed to provide accurate pressure control while ensuring gas purity.

The regulators have a purifier built into the regulator output that prevents contamination of the gas stream and provides early impurities detection. If the gas contains contaminants, or if contaminants enter the gas stream during cylinder changeout, the purifier media begins to turn color. When all of the media in the purifier tube changes color, the purifier is depleted and the cartridge should be changed. A quick-change base allows the purifier to be changed without interrupting the gas flow.

The regulators also eliminate GC detector baseline issues. Users can maintain a constant baseline after cylinder changeout, eliminating the need to purge for hours. Other design features include a two-stage pressure control with optional color mount nuts that maintains constant outlet pressure, a diaphragm packless valve with Swagelok® fitting that promotes system purity, and a four-outlet pressure range that provides application pressure compatibility.

The Y12-SIRGC145 series features a block-and-bleed purge incorporated into the inlet that contains and prevents contaminants from entering the gas stream. The Y12-SIR145 series features a check valve in the CGA nipple that prevents mass contaminants from entering the regulator. The purifier also removes small amounts of contaminants that may enter the regulator during cylinder changeouts. The regulator portion is cleaned for all analytical applications and will not generate contaminants that consume the purifier.

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