12-Pocket Automatic Tool Changer

March 1, 2009

Huffman Corporation has unveiled the new HS-225GC multi-axis grinding center with a 12-Pocket automatic tool changer (ATC).

The ATC enables flexible solutions for a wide variety of complex parts requiring multiple wheel packs or multiple machining processes including grinding, milling, drilling and probing.

The system is designed to meet the increasing demands for flexible, reliable, precision production systems for complex parts like flight and industrial gas turbine blades, vanes, shrouds and seals, medical implants and instruments and other components.

Options include wheel truing devices and spindle motors, which enable the system to use a variety of wheels - including electroplated CBN (EPCBN) or vitrified CBN or conventional grinding wheels.

The machine addresses the trend toward multi-tasking production environments, enabling customers to further combine machining operations into a single machine cycle. Combining operations into one part cycle has many cascading benefits, including reduced WIP, higher quality, lower total throughput time, and lower total cost.

The system is available in four-, five- or six- axis configurations. By using existing, proven machine modules, Huffman can deliver exceptionally productive, customized manufacturing solutions without the risk and long lead times associated with custom machines.

Precision ground, preloaded ball-screws, preloaded linear guide-ways, and massively ribbed structural components are used to maximize precision and rigidity and to minimize vibration. Zero backlash geared rotary axes make this system capable of producing higher quality parts with a better finish.

The grinding spindle has an HSK-100 interface, and is available with up to 50 HP (continuous duty) and 4,000 to 8,000 RPM. Other spindle speed ranges are also available.