Face milling platform features eight cutting edges

February 25, 2014

With eight cutting edges, Kennametal’s new KSSM8+™ face milling platform cuts cast-iron and steel workpieces. The IC10 size provides a 0.354-in. depth of cut, while the IC 12.7 achieves a 0.236-in. depth of cut. Both have high lead angles (88 and 87 degrees, respectively), making them suitable for applications in which fixture limitations or part designs call for close to 90-degree shoulders.

The double-sided insert’s positive rake face and honed edges result in lower cutting forces and good floor finishes in medium and finish machining, according to the manufacturer. A variety of insert grades are available for face milling steels, stainless steels, and wet or dry machining of ductile cast irons.

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