Filtration unit removes fine particulate from coolant

October 24, 2013

Filtration unit removes fine particulate from coolan<p><center><b>Figure </b></center></p><center></center></div><p>The Prab Candle Filter is a 1-micron filtration unit that removes fine particulate from spent oil and coolant. It is engineered for EDM, tungsten carbide tool and cutter grinding, honing, and precision grinding applications.</p> <p>The fluid removal after the purge cycle in the filter affords 85 percent less maintenance than other filtration methods with comparable particle retention, the manufacturer reports. For most machining and grinding applications, the sludge bag can be changed every four months rather than every two weeks.</p> <p>The candle-like filter element is composed of thousands of thin discs that are compressed tightly by a spring. When dirty fluid passes through the tiny gaps between the discs, all particles 1 micron and larger are trapped on the outside edges of the filter element. The filter is cleaned automatically by a rapid backwash cycle. This cycle uses air to blow out particles trapped on the discs and then purges them into a sludge-collecting basket.</p> <p>Flow rates vary from 13 to 80 GPM. An integral chiller is available for applications requiring temperature control.</p><div class=

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