Micromachining system suitable for multipurpose, small-scale production

June 20, 2013

IPG Photonics Corp. has introduced the IX-255 UV laser micromachining system. The flexible system is designed for multipurpose, R&D, and small-scale production applications.

The multifunctional system can be configured with a beam energy density up to 25 J/cm2 for applications such as drilling ceramic materials or with lower energy density for large-field exposures such as conformal coating removal, insulation stripping, and annealing. A third configuration allows the programmable selection of beam shapes for general-purpose patterning, cutting, and machining of blind features.

The fully interlocked, Class 1 workstation is built on a granite base and support structure for vibration minimization and thermal stability, with dual-microscope vision systems for automated part alignment and inspection. The workstation is integrated with a proprietary UV laser.

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