Turning insert’s chip step is designed in continuous curve

March 6, 2014

Beyond™ MR (medium roughing) inserts from Kennametal are designed for turning stainless steel with smooth cutting action and high wear resistance.

The chip step is designed in a continuous curve so that alternating stresses are reduced. The radius of curvature of the chip step surface is very large initially, becoming appreciably smaller, constituting the inlet region of the chip step. From the lowest point of the chip step, the small radius of curvature grows larger, constituting the outlet region.

Because the surface of the chip step always has a curve, uniform chip forming occurs. Chips tend to deform continuously within the chip step, minimizing the friction of the chip on the tool face. The insert’s high positive rake angle works with the curved cutting edge to help reduce cutting forces and extend tool life, the company states.

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