Electric tug does work of four people

September 25, 2012

Electric tug does work of four people - TheFabricator.com

American Sales Development LLC has introduced the ASD electric walkie tug for moving heavy or unwieldy loads in a manufacturing or warehouse environment. With a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs. on wheeled carts or trailers, the unit replaces the effort of four to eight people.

The walk-behind, wheeled cart and trailer mover is constructed of formed 0.25-in. steel plate. The unit has an internal weight package for traction; additional traction is gained by elevating the hitch mechanism slightly, either manually by pushing down on the handle or with an optional electric drive fifth wheel to add some of the weight of the load to the drive wheels. The unit can run all day on a single battery charge.

Its adjustable handle fits any size operator and promotes a comfortable walking posture. No training, licensing, or certifications are required. The standard receiver unit accommodates fifth wheel hook, pintle hitch, ball hitch, tongue and pin hitch, paper roller, push pad, and custom attachments.