Hydraulic roller bar moves dies more than 20,000 lbs.

January 11, 2005

Serapid's LGGH hydraulic roller bars allow heavy dies to be lifted and rolled on monodirectionally.

Rugged construction coupled with a high-pressure hydraulic system (400 bar) ensures that a pair of standard-length bars will operate effectively with dies weighing as much as 50 tons, the company says. Additional bars can be grouped together to accommodate supplemental weights.

Activating the hydraulics raises the bars 5 mm, and the rollers elevate the slide above the bolster. From this position, dies can be moved easily with an automated push-pull system. When positioning is completed, the bars are retracted below the surface of the press bed. No force is applied to the tools when the die is clamped and the bars are resting in the lowered position.

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