Magnetic hand tools permit safe sheet, parts handling

March 8, 2005

Bunting Magnetics Co.'s magnetic hand tools permit safe handling of sheet metal and hard-to-handle parts.

Magnetic sheet metal handles are suitable for separating oiled sheets, pulling sheets from racks, and positioning sheets for welding. Lowering the pivoting handle releases the item. The handles come in four models of increasing size designed to lift from 100 to 600 lbs. and to handle up to 8-ga. and heavier sheet metal. The handles weigh from 3.5 to 9.5 lbs.

Safety-approved press feeders are designed to help increase worker efficiency and reduce both operator fatigue and accidents. The lightweight, sturdy feeders feature positive pickup and quick release. The magnetic head is built to retard chip accumulation and never needs recharging. Lifting capacities depend on tool length and factors such as sheet flatness at the point of magnet contact.

Pickup tools are designed for picking up small metal parts, such as screws and fasteners. Touching the bottom of the tool to ferrous parts captures and holds them. Pulling up on the center handle releases them. An internal spring returns the handle to the pickup position. A plastic case and smooth surface facilitates burrowing into loose materials. Models have lifting capacities of 2 to 3 lbs., 4 to 5 lbs., and 8 to 9 lbs.

Clean-out tools comprise a permanent neoprene-covered Alnico magnet attached to a 48-in. wood handle with corrosion-resistant die-cast zinc clamps. They are suitable for retrieving ferrous metal objects from dip tanks, plating tanks, heat-bake ovens, and reservoirs.

Flexible magnets and pocket magnets are designed to help mechanics, machinists, and hobbyists pick up small ferrous parts or scrap. Flexible magnets have 18-in.-long flexible metal handles with powerful cylindrical magnets at their ends and aid in retrieving parts that have fallen into inaccessible places. The pocket magnet has a pocket clip, a lightweight aluminum shaft, and a knurled handle. It measures 5-1/2 in. in length.

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