Magnets lift, move steel sheets without slings, hooks, cables

August 12, 2008

SafeHold® APL series lifting magnets from Eriez® lift and move steel sheets without direct attachment by slings, hooks, or cables.

The magnets are designed so that an operator is not required to release the magnet manually. This design makes them suitable for loading and unloading steel sheets from burn tables or anywhere that limits operator access. The need for operators to bend and reach for handles is eliminated.

The lifting magnets require no electricity. They can be use singly or in multiples on a spreader beam. They are available in three models to handle a range of lifting requirements. Models are the APL-152 to handle capacities up to 1,650 lbs.; the APL-154, which lifts up to 3,630 lbs.; and the APL-156, which handles up to 5,800 lbs.

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