Metal recovery system enhanced

April 27, 2010

Eriez® has introduced the ProSort II airless metal recovery system. It includes the same features as the original ProSort, but with twice as many sensors per paddle. The system is designed for the processing of shredded automobiles, comingled recyclables, electronic scrap, and other resource recovery operations.

The system uses high-sensitivity metal sensors aligned with low-energy, electromagnetically driven paddles to separate valuable metals from waste material. The paddles are positioned side by side in a bank as wide as the conveyor belt, so when the sensors detect metal on the belt, the control circuit energizes the appropriate paddle at the moment the metal passes underneath, diverting it from the product stream. The paddles are adjustable up and down, forward and backward, and angle up and angle down.

The modular metal recovery units come in sizes up to 90 in. wide.

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