Unloaders made for parts finishing operations

September 17, 2013

Unloaders made for parts finishing operations - TheFabricator.com

Eriez® Finishing Mill Unloaders remove ferrous parts automatically from finishing mill media. Using a permanent magnet pickup, they can be wheeled into position beside the mill and lowered hydraulically into place. As parts near the surface of the media, they are pulled out by the magnetic field, conveyed up and away from the mill, and pass through a demagnetizing unit before reaching the discharge chute.

The model 58 C/P is a fully enclosed magnetic conveyor with permanent magnets mounted on an endless chain revolving beneath a stainless steel plate. This unit is designed for lightweight parts.

The model 9B-P uses a cleated conveyor belt with a 12-in.-dia. magnetic head pulley to pull out parts. Magnetic rails above the pulley hold parts to the belt until they reach the horizontal portion of the conveyor.

The model 9B-DP can remove all parts from a 10- to 20-cu.-ft. mill in 5 min. or less, according to the company. As parts are pulled out of the media and carried to the top of a 12-in.-dia. magnetic drum, they jump across an adjustable gap to an 8-in.-dia. head pulley revolving with a horizontal conveyor belt. Any trapped media falls back into the mill as the parts move through the demagnetizer to discharge.

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