Controller retrofits onto cutting gantries

February 16, 2012

Controller retrofits onto cutting gantries -

ESAB Cutting Systems has introduced the Vision 51R controller for retrofit onto cutting gantries. It can control up to four process tools in a variety of processes, including plasma, oxyfuel, and marking.

The controller is designed to replace single box controls from the Vision 4 series, including the Vision 500, Vision 1000, Vision 2000, Vision 2000C, and Vision 3000. Simple field wiring and identical mounting configuration help simplify hardware installation. Existing process control I/O hardware typically can be reused, keeping overall retrofit cost and installation time to a minimum.

The Windows® operating system provides features such as networking and USB support to enhance communications and program transfer. It also allows handling of larger, more complex programs. Real-time graphics with zoom capability allow simplified monitoring of machine status.