Plasma cutting system eliminates divots in small holes

November 15, 2010

SigmaTEK Systems and ITT Corp.'s Shape Cutting Division are combining their technologies to produce the UltraSharp plasma cutting system.

SigmaNEST HDX-enabled nesting software processes parts specifically for precision plasma cutting. It assigns lead-ins and lead-outs to each part to eliminate divots in small holes. The software embeds commands to adjust gas pressures, plasma amperage, and height control settings while it generates the cutting program. The software automatically calibrates the NC toolpath to achieve a balance among pierce holds, feed rates, and advance-off features.

After the software has completed a program, the data is sent to a PC-based Burny controller that has advanced command essaging (ACM) capabilities. The controller decodes the data contained in the nesting software and sends it through the proper channels. As plasma cutting takes place, cutting conditions change continually to help ensure precisely cut angles and arcs.

The distributed cutting data is received by the Kaliburn Spirit plasma cutting system with Inova height controls. The high-density plasma supply produces a consistent cut quality on all sides of a profile, the manufacturer states. The torch design creates a uniformly constricted arc to help minimize the possibility of unwanted taper.

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