Arbor adapter accommodates standard tools with 0.75-in. Weldon shanks

March 18, 2014

Fein Power Tools Inc. has introduced a new Slugger® QuickIn arbor adapter for use in its two-speed magnetic drills. The adapter accommodates industry-standard tools having 0.75-in. Weldon shanks and will work on three new Slugger machines that accept Morse taper tool holders. The adapter is offered as an optional accessory but is included with the new drills as an introductory promotion.

The arbor’s design will not allow a false seating because an inserted Weldon shank will not lock in place until both balls in the arbor are in alignment with both its flats. The adapters are available for use with either 2- or 3-in.-deep annular cutters.

Once the new arbor is installed, the drills can use HSS annular cutters, plus chucks and other attachments with 0.75-in. Weldon shanks, without the need for keys or wrenches. Inserting a chuck expands the magnetic drill for tapping, countersinking, reaming, and using twist drills.

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