Solid carbide chamfering drills process variety of materials

May 8, 2013

Solid carbide chamfering drills process variety of materials -

Walter USA LLC has introduced two Titex solid carbide chamfering drills.

The X•treme Step 90 is available in two versions: the type 99 with internal coolant and the type 79 without. Both feature a four-margin design, suitable for entering in uneven surfaces up to 5 degrees, uneven exits up to 45 degrees, and cross holes. The 90-degree countersink limits the need for deburring and facilitates chamfering. Correction of the countersink promotes process reliability.

The drill has a 140-degree point angle, which makes it suitable for universal use. Diameter tolerance is m7, and shank diameter tolerance is h6 per DIN 6535 HE and HA. The X•treme Pilot Step 90 is designed to support extra-deep drilling. It features two flutes, short length for stability, 2xDc pilot length to help improve drill alignment, diameter tolerance of p7, and a TFT coating to help increase tool life and minimize adhesion. Its 90-degree countersink helps reduce the need for deburring. Shank diameter tolerance is h6 according to DIN 6535 HA. Point angle is 150 degrees.