Slitting tool system features M4PM tool steel

April 14, 2009

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced the LongLife™ slitting tool system for TRUMPF®-style punch presses featuring M4PM tool steel. The proprietary tool steel composition uses a particle metallurgical manufacturing process and triple temper heat treatment.

Punch inserts come in rectangular and oval shapes, offered in five standard inch and metric sizes. A Maxima™ coating is available. Two types of punch insert holders are available: one that includes an integral alignment ring for fast setup, and a second that requires a heavy-duty alignment ring to allow manual angle setting flexibility. The holders work with conventional machine strippers.

Die inserts are available in five standard inch and metric sizes and with 11 discrete die clearances. They are assembled into one of two die insert holders: one for the 2.2-in.-long inserts and one for the 3-in. inserts.

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