Tool system taps threads in sheet metal

December 7, 2004

Mate Precision Tooling's Mate EasyTap® tool system automatically produces threaded holes in all types of sheet metal in thick-turret punch presses. The threaded holes are produced in prepunched holes or in extruded holes located on the sheet.

The system is designed to operate in thick-turret presses equipped with autoindex stations, programmable ram depth capability, and suitable software. Operation is accomplished automatically through a coordinated rotation of the turret press autoindex station and the ram stroke. The tooling produces a full range of threaded hole diameters in most materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

The system is simple to install and set up, the company says. It uses standard taps and Bilz brand collets. A push-button length adjustment feature sets the tap length.

Other features include an automatic lubrication system that dispenses a preset amount of lubricant to the tap point with each tapping cycle; a built-in lubrication level sight gauge; prepierce hole "miss protection" that prevents tool and part damage in the absence of a prepierced hole; less tool assembly with integral ball bearings that prevent under-sheet marking; and precision-machined guides made from hardened tool steel. The system has a compact tabletop setup and storage stand to protect tooling.

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