Dual-purpose gloves eliminate need for multiple pairs

November 14, 2013

Dual-purpose gloves eliminate need for multiple pairs - TheFabricator.com

New Roll Cage™ welding and rigging gloves from Lincoln Electric deliver complete hand protection for both welding and rigging, eliminating the need for a separate pair of gloves for each task. They also provide protection for cutting and grinding.

The gloves are constructed with fire-resistant cowhide and sewn with Kevlar® thread. Segmented, high-temperature-resistant silicon pads provide knuckle protection. Safety features include a protective overlay on the palm that reinforces high-wear areas, an inside lining that helps protect against cuts, and a longer-length cuff that guards wrists and forearms against heat and sparks.

Fire-resistant Velcro® wrist guards secure the gloves, while allowing for quick removal.

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